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From Shape Magazine

The Alpha Vitamin

“When this vitamin [C] gets into the cells, the production of clllagen – which is what makes skin firm – increases up to eight fold”, say Ben.

Turn to Page 32 in the April 2017 edition

From Harper’s Bazaar

Radiant Skin

What’s the answer to anti-aging? Vitamin C. Ben explains in more detail in the latest Harper’s Bazaar article (page 314, March edition) that “Vitamin C is the single most powerful, multi-functional topical ingredient you can use.”

Turn to Page 314 in the March 2017 edition

From Harper’s Bazaar

The #1 Secret to Younger Skin

Vitamin A makes its way down into the second layer of the skin—the dermis—where it can activate fibroblasts to create collagen, which builds up the skin.
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From the New York Post

The new products that won’t screw up your skin

[Ben Fuchs] has trimmed the formulas of his Truth Treatments down to nine or fewer ingredients, including potent doses of a collage-nboosting vitamin-C derivative.
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From Beauty News NYC

Ben Fuchs REALLY Explains the Whole Truth About Retinol and Vitamin C

The first time I met pharmacist and cosmetic chemist Benjamin Fuchs, I was absolutely blown away by his passion and knowledge of skin care, pharmacy and vitamins.
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From 35th of May

The Truth Treatments Retinol Gel

So a little while ago I reviewed their Omega 6 healing cream (here) which I quite liked but the main reason I wanted to try this brand was for its retinol gel.
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From 35th of May

The Truth Omega 6 Healing Cream mini review

A little while ago I was contacted by a representative of The Truth Treatments. I admit that I wasn’t too interested at first until I had a closer look at their product line.
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